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Heart To Heart ~ The Power of Gratitude

♥ Heart To Heart ~ The Power of Gratitude ♥

~ A Gift From The Bird Tribe ~

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

Gratitude is one sure way to an Open Heart. Few things can raise your vibration like the Power of Gratitude.

Think of all the blessings in your life. Make a list of all the things for which you are grateful. 

When you see your life as one that is filled with wonderful things that you Love and enjoy, everything looks a little brighter ~ a little lighter. As within, so without.

Gratitude can change your perspective in a Heart-beat. 

When you’re feeling out of sorts and
You need to adjust your attitude,
Breathe in Love and Light and
Breathe out Love, Light, and Gratitude.

Attitude Adjustment

~ With Love  from Our Hearts to Your Heart,
Rain Love and Jeshua

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

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A Co-Creative Love Poem


Happy Saturday, Love Beans!
I hope you are enjoying these moments and feeling the Love Waves. I have had some Rainbow Moments but I welcome them as stepping stones and signs of growth.
Re~Birth is not easy but all that we go through is SO worth it.
It takes a lot of pressure to create a diamond, after all.

Last evening, I went through all the posts I shared on Facebook yesterday and copied the title of each. Then I did some editing and created this poem. I would like to thank all the authors of the original posts for participating in this Co-Creation. Thank you!

I hope you all enjoy this poem. Thank you for reading.

~ Love, Rain

♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥

The Road to Shambhala

The Journey of The Divine Human

Shadow or substance?

The journey of the divine human ~
Falling apart is the best thing that can happen to us

Show up for yourself
Nurture yourself

Believe in your dreams
Without expectation

Moored in Love
Consciousness reaching critical mass

Elaborate art
Manifestation is easier than you think

Stop working hard
Start creating success

Survivor on fire
May peace prevail

Eclipse and Equinox fun times

And The Prodigal returned home

I Ascend

Spiral staircase
I ascend step by step
Buoyed by energy
And the wings of Angels

As I round the curve
The past echoes
The future whispers
And my selves wave and speak to me

My soul stirs in response

But this is not going backward
And this is not going forward

This is expanding

My signature reverberates
Through all dimensions
Throughout all Creation
And I Am

And I Am One with All That Is

~ Rain, 10/9/14

Driving Force


Image Source

You say there’s a force driving you;

Now you’re focused, know what to do.

What is this force, an unseen hand?

Pushing you to fulfill some plan?

No, it’s just your inner voice,

Telling you how to make a choice.

I know it’s coming from within,

Showing you the way again.

You don’t need any source outside

To lead the way ~ don’t need a ride

Or a lift from passing strangers

To help you navigate the dangers

Lying off your chosen path,

Tempting you to veer off track.

You’ve always found your own way,

Known when to go, when to stay;

Known what was false and what was true…

You have always known what to do.

I’m going to repeat the comment I made the last time I blogged a poem like this ~

I read this last night for the first time since 1994, which is when I wrote it. It kind of blew me away because I knew nothing ~ consciously ~ about our Ascension Process or being a Lightworker at the time. Anyway, only one other person has ever seen this poem, until now! I hope you enjoy it.
~ Love, Rain.

I Am A Child Of Mother Earth

june 16 05d

I am a heart filled with love
I am the clouds that float above

I am the dove, bringing peace
I am soft winds that never cease

I am the puppy who brings you joy
I am a happy little boy

I am multi-dimensional light
I am the eagle taking flight

I am the ocean meeting the shore
I am all the things that roar

I am the rain, the river, and the falls
I am the water in these things, all

I am a snowflake and a glacier, mountain-bound
I am a seedling, breaking ground

I am the bear and the wolf, giving birth
I am a child of Mother Earth.


The Sun Rises And Sets But Never Falls

You were like the Earth before,
solid, settled, stable core.

A rock, spinning slowly, but still grounded…
on your shoulders a family was founded.

Then, foundations were shaken, cracked, and shattered –
no framework, no footing, nothing mattered.

The Wind came along and swept you away;
you paid the piper – you wanna play.

Now the rock’s skipping Water, skimming along –
the Wind can’t stay in one place very long.

It blows hot and cold, gusty then light;
sometimes it shrieks with all of its might.

Other times it’s a gentle breeze, a warm embrace;
I like it then – sweet breath on my face.

The Wind is living, breathing air –
spreading its energy everywhere.

But the Wind always stops blowing, at least for a while;
until the next storm it rests like a child.

Then will you be still, quiet Air? Above it all?
Watching others rise and fall…

A peaceful place to focus your energy –
achieve a balance, goals in harmony.

Your voice will be heard, though – your presence felt;
it’s your nature – the hand you were dealt.

And after that, will you be The Sun? Shining so bright;
tremendous power, energy, light.

Radiant heat, a brilliant sphere –
unlike anything found around here.

What happens then? The end? The beginning?
The Sun will never get dizzy from spinning.

What happens then doesn’t matter at all –
The Sun rises and sets but never falls.

(I read this last night for the first time since 1994, which is when I wrote it. It kind of blew me away because I knew nothing ~ consciously ~ about our Ascension Process or being a Lightworker at the time. Anyway, only one other person has ever seen this poem, until now! I hope you enjoy it.
~ Love, Rain.)