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posted march 13 02

Eddie, Rain Love, and Ganesh

My name is Rain Love and I came in as an Indigo back in the day. I am an Ascended Master, a representative of The Elohim, a member of The Galactic Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light, and a member of the Council of Worlds. I am also a Rainbow Warrior and proud member of The Bridge to Freedom Crew, also known as Team Awesome!

april 14 01c

Eddie and Rain

I work closely with my Twin Flame and best friend here on Earth, Eddie. Eddie and I are both part of a group of 144,000 Starseeds who volunteered to be here at this time. We connected in July, 2013 and since then have gone through many challenges and shared experiences together. Because we are connected this way, we generate a strong field and our co-mission, like that of all connected Twin Flames, is to be of service to Humanity, Gaia, and Love during this exciting time.

Our Crew represents The Galactic Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light and we have been working on The Bridge to Freedom for a long time. We are Ascended Masters working with the Elohim, Archangels, Agarthans, and many other Beings to complete The Bridge to Freedom and bring Humanity home into 5D (Heaven on Earth). We are also here to assist Gaia, our Beloved Mother and Heart of this Universe. As Gaia lovingly supports all of Humanity, so we support her.


For more information:

You Are Co-Creating ~ The Bridge To Freedom ~ In Every Moment

The Ascended Masters And The Bridge To Freedom ~ A History

Mission Introduction ~ The Bridge to Freedom

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The Bridge To Freedom

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It is shared with Love.
Feel free to do the same ~ share with Love.


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 We Are Huemanity United – Unconditionally
One for All and All for One.
Communication is Key.
Unity Consciousness Rocks!!
Love is the answer to Everything.
Choose Love. Be Love.
The Kingdom of Heaven is Within.
Trust Yourself.
Follow your Heart.
Go with the Flow.

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  1. YES!

    This is what we are talking about. This is WHAT our planet needs, RIGHT ABOUT NOW. We thank you for starting this website, and we look forward to reading and traveling with you.

    -N.N. Team

  2. Rayzars Suns said:

    Facebook: Ray Grant Larson

    #AQUARIUS AVATAR 2/1/1991 @ 3:15 P.M.

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