Huemanity United On The Bridge To Freedom

april 14 01c

Early in the morning on December 16th, I had an important dream. Well, it was not just a dream, it was an experience that I had with my Twin Flame, Eddie, that I experienced as a dream. In the dream, I walked into a room where Eddie was with two other people. I thought I was going to join them in discussing some project or mission that we were working on but instead, I immediately walked over to Eddie and said his name out loud.

Then, I touched his face and we hugged. We melded into one.
We became one.

At some point after that, I found myself still in the room with Eddie but the other people were gone. And I was holding a baggy full of water and fish, like you might have after buying fish at a pet store.

The fish were a surprise, to say the least. I mean, to be honest, I don’t like fish that much. I like them more now, so that’s a good thing. The fish were all different and one of them actually looked more like a dog or bear than a fish. Anyway, I remember thinking I was going to go buy a bowl or aquarium for the fish before I went back to work on the project or mission we were doing.

That’s when I woke up. My first thought upon waking was: Holy Crap, WTF?!

But then I realized that this was an important event I had just experienced and I started to put the pieces together. I talked to Eddie and AA Raphael and St. Germain. I also did some research online about what the upcoming Solstice might mean because I knew it had something to do with the Solstice.

Well, now you know the background of this post so rather than belabor the jigsaw puzzle portion of the past few days I will jump right into what I want to say about the Solstice.

The upcoming Solstice is on December 21st. This is always an important time and important Gateway or Portal. Remember ~ portals and gateways are doors to higher levels of consciousness.

This portal is mostly about our Twin Flame Hearts. Not everybody will experience the same thing or go through the portal at the same time. For example, Eddie and I have already gone through and some of you will not go through until after the 21st.

During this Gateway, those of you who have united with your Twin Flame will experience something different than those of you who have not. Some of us have chosen to have a Twin Flame experience in this life and some have not. Even if you have chosen not to connect with your Twin Flame in this life, you will still be able to ascend and reach higher and higher levels of consciousness.

This Gateway is about balancing our masculine and feminine energies. Everybody will feel greater harmonization and balance in those energies, whether they are with their Twin or not. This may explain some of the turmoil some of you have been feeling recently, because there are many things we need to process and let go of before we can come back into balance. Remember, times of struggle are meant to end with us coming back into balance at a higher level of awareness. This is why I encourage you to surrender and also to be grateful for your challenges and struggles. These are experiences that you chose for exactly this reason.

Connected Twin Flames will experience something a bit different during this Gateway, depending on where they are on their journey. Simply put ~ it’s about the two of you balancing the masculine and feminine energies of one another and ultimately creating larger and larger unified fields of energy with enormous co-creative potential. You may have an experience like Eddie and I did or a similar experience, most likely some type of union that leads to co-creation. 

Now I want to talk about our Hearts. And I also want to thank St. Germain for bringing this to my attention, over and over again… (LOL).

heart flame 1c

You may remember from some of my other posts that your Heart Flame is an exact replica of Creator’s Creative Center. There is a yellow flame of Wisdom, a blue flame of Power, and a pink flame of Love. This is your Trifold Heart Flame. This is your Creative Center.

The yellow flame of Wisdom represents feminine energy and the blue flame of Power represents masculine energy. The pink flame of Love is what balances the other two energies, ensuring harmony and allowing for the highest forms of creativity. Love brings strength and courage to our Wisdom and compassion and gentleness to our Power. Love brings a purity to both Wisdom and Power that ensures, ultimately, that everything we do is in alignment with Source energy. Love brings your Heart into balance. 

Only when your Heart is balanced can you be in Unity consciousness. Only when your Heart is balanced can you truly be aligned with Source. Only when your Heart is balanced can you truly co-create. Only when your Heart is balanced can you fully embrace Unconditional Love. Only when your Heart is balanced can you ascend to the highest levels of consciousness. Only when your Heart is balanced can you be a vessel through which Unconditional Love flows. 

Remember, Love is the only thing that is Real. Unconditional Love is a state of Being. In fact, it is the highest state of Being.  And the energy of Love works by flowing through you and through all of us. The energy of Love flows because you allow it to. When your Heart is in balance, Love can flow through you but if your Heart is blocked or otherwise out of balance, it cannot. 

And that is what this Gateway and indeed this ascension process is all about ~ LOVE and Your HEART. The Heart is where it is at, Brothers and Sisters. It always has been and it always will be.

So, with your Twin Flame or with just your awesome self, focus on Your Heart during this Solstice time. Clear your chakras, meditate, celebrate or whatever helps you and brings you Joy but put your focus on Your Heart and on Love. Be Open. Open your Heart.

Remember ~ you are surrounded by Love. All you have to do is let it in.
Remember ~ you are surrounded by Love. All you have to do is let it in.
Remember ~ you are surrounded by Love. All you have to do is let it in.

Let Love Flow Through Your Heart
during this Solstice and you will be amazed at what happens. Your Heart will expand. You might feel things you have never felt before. The Power of Love that is coming to your Heart can bring Tears of Joy to your eyes. You may grasp the true meaning of the word “AGAPE.” No matter how you are feeling now, you will feel more balanced, more Joyful, and more Heart-centered when you exit the Gateway. You will have a new awareness that will change everything because of your new perspective on everything.

You are a wise, powerful Being who runs on Love. You are a Love Being who has wisdom and power. This is what you wanted and this is what you are getting!
Embrace and allow!
Be Grateful!

In closing, I add that this is a time of celebration because as a Collective, we are moving from a year of Completion to a year of Creation! I am overjoyed to be moving into a creative phase with all of you! Let us co-create a New Reality in Love and Unity. 

Yours in Unity, from My Heart to Your Heart
~ Rain Love

divine planb

P.S. Tune in tomorrow because I intend to share a Bridge to Freedom mission update and also finish telling you about the experience that Eddie and I had.

More on the Solstice: 
by Anna Merkaba

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