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I wanted to write a follow-up to my post 11/11 ~ HUGE! Stargate ~ Timegate ~ Portal ~ Gateway. So, here goes…

Coming off the lunar event a few days earlier and with some solar flare activity, etc., it was an intense week for me and most everybody else. As I said, pretty much everything in my life is changing right now and it was unsettling at first but I am working through all the changes and I am ecstatic to step into my new life and embrace my new blueprint. I jumped! No fear! It’s all good and I trust my plan. I know that whatever happens it will be for my highest good and I am embracing this opportunity to experience different feelings, emotions, and activities. I am committed to being a detached observer of outside events and it gets easier all the time. I have so many moments of transcendent bliss that I know I am on the right path. Simply put ~ I am excited and I look forward to all that happens next but I have no expectations and I always try to focus on The Now. I go within for answers and information and I am constantly working on creating a more clear connection with my guides and other Beings with whom I communicate. I am clearing my mind and my vessel. Fine-tuning things, as it were…

So what does all that have to do with 11/11? Eh… everything!

As I said on November 10th,

11/10/14 ~ Today’s theme is Letting Go in preparation for the BIG 11/11 Portal/Gateway. Those energies are already coming in so if you’re feeling intensity and lower vibrational emotions/thoughts, LET THEM GO. LET IT ALL GO. Take time for yourself and embrace who you are. Accept and go with The Flow, do not resist. Be grateful that you are able to overcome the challenges that YOU CHOSE by choosing Love to overcome them. This is a win/win game. Choosing Love and Letting Go are how you get to the Serenity Prize faster and easier. Press the Easy Button – Choose Love! We are ALL in service to each other. There are no “bad guys.” Take responsibility and liberate yourself. Ask for assistance. You are surrounded by Love and all you have to do is let it in. I Love You and I will see you on the other side, Beloved Master! *hugs*

And I was doing that. Letting go in a big way. The changes I am going through triggered my fear of lack; of not having enough money to get by; of not being able to support myself. That was a surprise for me, but a good surprise because, as a key participant in the Bridge To Freedom’s Flow of Abundance project, it’s important for me to not have any blocks when it comes to The Flow of Abundance. I am keenly aware of all of Humanity’s blocks in this area but I thought I had all of them licked. But, when the opportunity to leave my job arose, I suddenly found this was not true.

LOL  ~ I hear you, People. It’s easy to embrace The Flow of Abundance when you have a steady paycheck but it’s harder to trust when you are facing life with only a small source of income or no source of steady income. Of course, I knew that intellectually, and money has been an issue for me most of my life, just like the rest of us. There have been times in my life when I was pretty poor. When my brother and I were babies, we slept in dresser drawers because there was no money for cribs. And I also lost a lot of money several years ago when I couldn’t sell my house. So I’m not exactly a stranger to money issues. There have always been poor times and plush times.

But things have been good for a few years now and money was not a concern lately. I was working at my 3D job, doing my Light “Work” in every spare moment and also donating a lot of money every month to other Lightworkers and charities, etc. I was always happy to share what I had and made an effort to do so all the time, donating money and goods to the local shelter, always dropping my change in donation jars, leaving big tips, etc.

I know that the best way to increase The Flow of Abundance is to participate in it! Always sharing and not fearing that I would run out of money if I gave some away. Truth ~ You will never experience Abundance if you are afraid to share what you have. You must give as well as receive. Hanging on to every cent, only thinking of your own needs and desires, and being unwilling to share are huge blocks to The Flow.

I was in The Flow of Abundance and I had no worries about money. Everything was as it should be in that area.

So, since things changed and my new blueprint started to become a reality (a few weeks ago) I have been back and forth on all my fears about lack and money. I learned that this was still an issue for me and it had to be triggered so I could let go once and for all. That’s the way our plans and blueprints and guides and us and our Higher Selves work together. If you’re a Pioneer/Wayshower and still have any issues, you will make agreements to have them triggered and brought to the surface so they can be released for good. This is the time for that to happen.

We are going higher and higher and the only way to fly is to drop your baggage. And just when you think you’re done with all that, don’t be surprised if, seemingly out of nowhere, a small suitcase or overnight bag smacks you right in the face! It’s saying, “Hey, did you forget about me? You’re still carrying me around and I’m weighing you down! Time to let me go!”

Freak Out

At first I was pretty gobsmacked because I received some news that I felt threatened my job status. It brought up all sorts of fears and issues from the past 27 years. Fortunately, my initial freakout did not last long. That was good because I was literally stunned that I was freaking out so badly. I have not felt that way for a very long time and it was very surprising and uncomfortable. I reached out for assistance and the whole thing lasted less than 24 hours ~ I got re-centered, balanced, and grounded and I also received some fantastic news and had some experiences that revealed that this was actually an opportunity. During that brief period of freaking out, my friend Liz gave me this message, “They said ~ tell her that all will be revealed and all will come to light.” And she saw clouds (white puffy clouds) followed by a brilliant sun!

And she was right.

This turned out to be an initiation (challenge) for me, followed by a ceremony and my receiving a new mantle. The words Mantle and Pioneer came through to me but the rest is a bit vague.

Since this all started, like I said, I’ve gone back and forth on the fears of lack and money, releasing them layer by layer and trying to remember that irrational fears like that cannot be addressed by looking at numbers or trying to “fix things.” Irrational fears can only truly be released by going deep within, embracing and getting comfortable in our Heart Space, and understanding that fears are not real. In fact, some of the fears weren’t even mine but came from other people and humanity in general. There’s a lot of free-floating anxiety out there just waiting for somebody to come along and transmute it. Go get some if you’re so inclined! LOL

I’ve had some moments but I’ve come out on the other side of this and I am very happy about that. I moved a lot of old crap energy for myself and the collective. I know that I Am Abundance and now some big blocks have been dissolved. (Writing that sentence made me cry because it’s so true and important.) It’s very rewarding for me to be involved in The Flow of Abundance Project and I am honored to do my part to ensure that the flow keeps increasing and flowing freely, unimpeded by blocks and obstacles. This is a process and we can all contribute.

How do things flow best?

Water is a great substance to consider when thinking about how things flow. (This almost makes me glad that I took a couple of Hydrology and Engineering classes back in the day.) Water flows following natural laws like gravity and it follows the path of least resistance. If you block the flow of water, say by building a dam or something, obviously the flow decreases. Water builds up behind obstacles and the flow is reduced to a trickle or otherwise “controlled.” Simply put, water flows freely and easily and naturally when there are no obstacles in its path. Just like energy. Everything is energy, including water. And You. And Me. And Abundance. Hence, Abundance flows freely and easily and naturally when there are no obstacles in its path.

We are all participants in the Flow of Abundance ~ it can be no other way because we are One and everything is Energy. The more we intend and embrace Abundance and the more we dissolve our blocks and other blocks to its flow, the more we help ourselves and all of Humanity.

Three Things

Abundance is our natural state.
Everything is energy and energy is abundant.

Next time: more on Obstacles and Blocks to The Flow of Abundance.

~ I will see you in The Flow.
I Love You. Always.



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