Huemanity United On The Bridge To Freedom

Surf Santa

Christmas in June? Nope, Santa and I are just gifting all you Huemans with a surfboard that will help you ride the waves with Grace and Joy this weekend!

Everybody’s talking about tomorrow’s Full Moon on Friday the 13th and Mercury being in retrograde. Exciting! These are exciting and amazing times, magical and miraculous for everybody who is in the flow of Unity Consciousness.

This looks to be a wonderful weekend! Let go of fear and apprehension and expect to see the highest and best outcome for all. After all, that is the only thing we can really expect, ever.

More and more Wayshowers have moved into a place of Serenity, having realized that they do not have to spend the rest of their lives struggling with “clearing,” if they don’t want to. There is a time, for all of us, when we are clear of our own “stuff” and can let go of it once and for all. Other things may come up, for ourselves or others, that need to be transmuted, but this can be done from a place of joy and peace. A place of Love. This is not a soap opera. Melodrama is not required and in fact, not recommended!

Wayshowers embracing Serenity is the best thing that could happen for The Grid, the Bridge to Freedom, and Unity Consciousness. Those are all the same things, actually. We each have a place and a role to play there/here. We each have our own “mission” within the larger mission, but the goal is ultimately to bring everybody who wants to be there into Unity Consciousness. Right now, it’s about us standing together, embodying the Christ Consciousness, and holding space for all those who are coming to join us. That is why we refer to ourselves as “Huemanity United on the Bridge to Freedom.”

The other day, I wrote this on my facebook page:

If you want Peace, be Peace.
Serenity = Peace + Love + Joy + Awareness.
Embrace Serenity.

I believe this is where we all want to be. Some of us are still meandering, experiencing what we chose to experience and learning what we need to learn. Of course, experiencing and learning never end, but they can occur in a state of Serenity. Integrate the understanding that you can be “clear” and that there is nothing wrong with you. There are a lot of Beings in the Illusion who benefit greatly from you thinking that there is something “wrong” with you. That there is something you need to “clear” before you can move on to embracing Serenity and being the Love that you are. The best thing you can do for yourself and Creation is to accept that you are an awesome miracle of Love who came here to share your unique essence and shine your Light.

If somebody is pointing a finger at you, criticizing you or what you are doing, understand that they most likely are talking about themselves. We are mirrors for each other and if what another person is saying to you does not feel loving or supportive, walk away. Unless you are engaging with another person in a healthy exchange where you feel loved and safe, just detach. Some people are not aware that they are talking about themselves, expressing their uneasiness, projecting their fears, or creating drama to feed off of others’ energies. Misery loves company, you know. Don’t be Misery’s company!

Just say No to Misery.

If there is something you need to deal with; an issue or something that is hindering your progress, know that the Universe/Creation/Love/Yourself will make you aware of it. It will loom large and it will not be brought to you by the Drama Queen Down The Street. The Drama Queen Down The Street is in the business of showcasing his or her own issues, not yours. Don’t feed the Drama Queen!

Move forward with grace and joy, knowing that Serenity is yours. You don’t even have to ask for it ~ it’s your birthright. It’s yours. It’s you.

~ Love yourselves the way I Love you: Unconditionally.
See yourselves the way I see you: as a shining Light illuminating the Stairway to Heaven.


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