Huemanity United On The Bridge To Freedom

You were like the Earth before,
solid, settled, stable core.

A rock, spinning slowly, but still grounded…
on your shoulders a family was founded.

Then, foundations were shaken, cracked, and shattered –
no framework, no footing, nothing mattered.

The Wind came along and swept you away;
you paid the piper – you wanna play.

Now the rock’s skipping Water, skimming along –
the Wind can’t stay in one place very long.

It blows hot and cold, gusty then light;
sometimes it shrieks with all of its might.

Other times it’s a gentle breeze, a warm embrace;
I like it then – sweet breath on my face.

The Wind is living, breathing air –
spreading its energy everywhere.

But the Wind always stops blowing, at least for a while;
until the next storm it rests like a child.

Then will you be still, quiet Air? Above it all?
Watching others rise and fall…

A peaceful place to focus your energy –
achieve a balance, goals in harmony.

Your voice will be heard, though – your presence felt;
it’s your nature – the hand you were dealt.

And after that, will you be The Sun? Shining so bright;
tremendous power, energy, light.

Radiant heat, a brilliant sphere –
unlike anything found around here.

What happens then? The end? The beginning?
The Sun will never get dizzy from spinning.

What happens then doesn’t matter at all –
The Sun rises and sets but never falls.

(I read this last night for the first time since 1994, which is when I wrote it. It kind of blew me away because I knew nothing ~ consciously ~ about our Ascension Process or being a Lightworker at the time. Anyway, only one other person has ever seen this poem, until now! I hope you enjoy it.
~ Love, Rain.)

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