Huemanity United On The Bridge To Freedom


El Morya Khan, Chohan of the 1st Ray of Divine Will and Power has this message for you ~

Card Theme: Faith and Courage

Take my hand and come with me.

Have the courage to walk with me to the edge of this high cliff. If you look behind us now, you will see a landscape you already know well spread out ~ familiar and safe. Now turn and allow your gaze to roam over the new vista revealed far below us. See the lights and colours; see the beautiful sights and sounds of a new world spread out before you. Do you not feel eager to explore that place, to meet the people there and walk amongst the wonderful scenery? To learn new things, explore new paths and find new friends?

All you need to do is take a step forward. Have faith in me and in God. We will not let you fall or come to harm. Are you going to stay here, where all is safe and known to you? Or are you going to take that leap of faith with me and trust that what awaits you is worth the risk?

For I tell you it is worth the risk indeed, and the prize you will find at the end of your journey will prove it. For you will find your own true Self ~ your shining, bright, wonderful Divine Self! I see it now, and so too do others ~ but it will take this leap of faith for you to find it too.

So choose. The choice is yours, and I am here to support you ~ whatever is your choice.

Ascended Master El Morya

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