Huemanity United On The Bridge To Freedom

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As we have shared, Humanity is currently going through a time of clearing and being in a state of balance, followed by imbalance, and then achieving balance again but at a higher level of awareness. This is occurring on both the individual and collective levels. Humanity is learning to balance the physical (earth), emotional (water), mental (air), and spiritual (fire) bodies. You have probably noticed yourself being triggered by a person or event and then entering a state of imbalance. As you feel and release the issues raised by being triggered, you move back into balance at a higher level of awareness. Letting go is the key to achieving balance.

Mercury starts moving direct in Aquarius at 3:00 am eastern time on Friday, February 28. Mercury is an air planet and Aquarius is an air sign. This signals a lot of activity in your mental body!

This time presents opportunities for you to embrace unlimited thought by letting go of your old ways of thinking. For example, be prepared to say good-bye to belief systems and old paradigm concepts. Get ready to jump out of your mental boxes ~ this is the time to make quantum leaps in your thought processes. You may have difficulty communicating with others during this time as you find yourself searching for words that describe your new way of looking at things.

A New Moon occurs on Saturday, March 1, at 3:00 am eastern time in Pisces, conjuct Neptune. Moon represents Humanity and is a water planet. Neptune is another water planet and Pisces is a water sign.

New Moons are about new beginnings and this one will bring you many opportunities to address and release emotional (water) issues. Most people will probably be very sensitive during this time. You may find yourself crying tears of release in one moment and then tears of joy in the next moment. Don’t resist ~ let them flow! Get ready to say hello to the New You – A You who is carrying a lot less emotional baggage.

The Moon will also be “Void of Course” for about a day before entering Pisces. During this time, you may feel a bit abandoned; without direction or guidance. Remember, any discomfort you feel is an opportunity to embrace change, get balanced, and reach a new level of awareness. This is your chance to fine-tune your inner guidance system and learn to trust yourself.

With Mercury in Aquarius (air) and the Sun and Moon in Pisces (water), you will have a lot of opportunities to balance your mental and emotional bodies. With so much water in the air (so to speak), at times you may feel overwhelmed by your emotions and find it hard to think clearly, but the Moon will only be in Pisces for a few days so this will not last long. This is a time to achieve new balance between your head and your heart and you will find yourself moving forward with a better understanding of the concept of Divine Justice.

… go with the flow …

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