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Shamanic Roaring

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The other day I had a vision that I was standing outside in a large, open field. I was wearing a long dress and I was whirling a stone tied to a stick in circles over my head. At least, I thought it was a stone on a stick. And I got the feeling I was engaging in some ancient practice. I felt that I might be communicating or creating a vortex.

I’ve seen this kind of thing in a couple of movies so I looked this practice up online and the only thing I could find that sounded like what I was doing was about using a “bullroarer.”

“The bullroarer,[1] rhombus, or turndun, is an ancient ritual musical instrument and a device historically used for communicating over greatly extended distances. It dates to the Paleolithic period, being found in Ukraine dating from 17,000 BC. Anthropologist Michael Boyd, a Bullroarer expert, documents a number found in Europe, Asia, the Indian sub-continent, Africa, the Americas, and Australia.[2]


Here’s a video of a bullroarer in action ~

According to Michael Drake,

“The bullroarer is a flat elliptical shaped piece of wood attached to a cord that produces a whirring trance inducing drone when whirled through the air. Universally linked to thunder and spirit beings in the sky, these roaring sticks are probably the most widespread among all sacred instruments. In the mid-1980s, acoustic scientists determined that bullroarers produce a range of infrasonics — extremely low frequency sound waves (20 Hz or less) that are below the normal limit of human hearing, but nonetheless enter the brain. Thunder, earthquakes, waterfalls, waves, whales, drums, gongs, and chanting all generate infrasonics. These waves are picked up by the cochlea (labyrinth) of the ear and influence the circadian and vestibular systems of the brain. Infrasonics stimulate a wide range of euphoric, trance states. ”


Here is Michael’s excellent video, Shamanic Journey Drumming & Bullroarer ~

Interestingly, I also found out that there is a comic book
character named Gateway who uses a bullroarer.

“… an aborigine hermit mutant, used this ancient artifact to open transdimensional wormholes. The amplitude of the whirl will affect the capacity and distance of transdimensional travel. It has the ability to open wormholes that affect not only space but time either, showing events of the past. Moreover it had the ability of show elements that the human eye can´t normally see. Receantly the abilities of Gateway has been exploded further using his wormholes to travel between realities.”


As a final note, all of this searching led me to a video about Australian Aboriginals and The Dreamtime that I really enjoyed. Fascinating!

~ Happy Journeying ~
~ Love, Rain ~

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