Huemanity United On The Bridge To Freedom

As we shared last week, Humanity is currently going through a time of clearing and being in a state of balance, followed by imbalance, and then achieving balance again but at a higher level of awareness. This is occurring on both the individual and collective levels. Humanity is learning to balance the physical (earth), emotional (water), mental (air), and spiritual (fire) bodies.You have probably noticed yourself being triggered by a person or event and then entering a state of imbalance. As you feel and release the issues raised by being triggered, you move back into balance at a higher level of awareness. Letting go is the key to achieving balance.

The Sun has moved into Pisces. On the 22nd, the Last Quarter Moon is exact, when the Sun in Pisces (water) squares the Moon in Sagittarius (fire). The moon will remain in Sagittarius for three days. These energies will give us the opportunity to balance our emotional and spiritual bodies.

Fire and water usually interact in one of two ways – either water puts out the fire or fire heats water up, ultimately creating steam that can power your engine. Because of this, you may find yourself feeling frustrated or hopeless over your spiritual journey, perhaps feeling like nothing has changed or that things have become too difficult. Or, you might feel elated about the journey you are on and experience tremendous joy. For some of you this elation may lead to a state of mania or being too hyper.

Remember that triggers are meant to put you in a state of imbalance and that it is only temporary provided you recognize your emotions, feel them, accept them, and then let them go.

Mercury is moving retrograde in Capricorn (earth) until February 28th, so you may experience some surprising physical sensations depending on where you are in your ascension process. Welcome these sensations as signs of progress and embrace and allow physical changes.

Venus is still in Capricorn (earth), so this will help you to stay grounded as you achieve greater balance and awareness.

With Mercury and Venus both in Capricorn, don’t be surprised if you feel a greater sense of connection with Gaia at this time. Celebrating your connection to Mother Earth and expressing your gratitude for her will help you if you are experiencing intense emotions.

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