Huemanity United On The Bridge To Freedom

Behind the Song

from Albion Moonlight and the Sea of Troubles
Brent David Fraser



stare in the mirror, i see my face, seeking a shred of truth, a trace
of where my self could truly be, other than living in this body,
i’m not only who you see standing here and though i question it’s very clear, there’s a me that sings along, there is a me behind the song…

deep within the melody, where my soul is singing free,
no tick or talk of time, no reason to the wrym,
all vanished in the sound and i am not touching the ground
every word i say, every note i play, i am here behind the song…
living in the breath, giving it to death, i am here behind the song…

picture it all as a roaring sea, drowning the picture of you and me
and washing away the boundaries, no more divided realities,
all of it all into one, in joy, union in every girl and boy
and everyone, as we sing along, all of us living behind the song…

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