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Note from Team Awesome: This is an excerpt from an article by Dorothy Leon, a woman who anchored the Light on Mother Earth for more than 30 years. There is much wonderful information to be found here but, as always, please use your discernment.
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by Dorothy Leon, copyright 2005

I am Portia, and it is that I bring to you in this time, a greeting of love, to understand that this divine relationship that I have with the Master Saint Germain is not a relationship that human beings would necessarily understand. For they would say, here is a man and here is a woman, and they are going through all of their conflicts to have a relationship. And yet it is in our places that energy merges, and therefore we share ideas by merging; we share love by merging; we share our dreams by merging; and we merge our energies.

I may send a thought,  a bubble of light, and my beloved sends a thought, a bubble of light, and those two bubbles join together and we delight in the experience of the energy shared. For it is not that we have lost ourselves by giving our ideas but that we have merged our ideas together, therefore, we can find in that energy the highest and best of what we have shared with each other, a blending of how it would go forward, rather than my idea is better, or you have no thoughts that are worthy, which so often occurs in relationships in this place. Or that man has a certain role to play and woman has a certain role to play, and in these times, up to this time, the woman’s role has been established as the support of the man, to look good, to say the right thing, to care for his needs, to be there for him, but not necessarily to be who she is.

In the places of mastery, we are very clear who we are. There is no doubt who we are, and therefore, we are not in conflict in our relationships with each other. We find a place of mutual understanding, of loving involvement and harmony. It isn’t about having to give up a dream, an idea. It is about discovering new aspects, greater understanding, a more loving allowance of what we would bring about.

I am an emissary of light, yes, but then as beloved masters, we are all emissaries of light. I am a teacher of justice and balance, and yet the justice that I would teach would be the harmonious interaction of all aspects of any situation rather than because you have lived the right way, done the right thing, thought the right things, said the right things, then you are worthy of the justice, and they who have not measured up will be punished. That is an old order of separation, and God never created in that way. Humanity created those thoughts, those beliefs for this game of separation.

I stand equally with my beloved. I am divine counterpart, and we look upon each other in a sense of respect, and awe, and love of what each one of us can bring to the relationship for the other. And so it is, we are ONE. We are two aspects of the same soul.

And so as we would speak of ‘Affairs of the Heart,’ perhaps I might speak to you now of the affairs of the soul, for our relationship is not only a heart relationship, it is a soul relationship. It is the spirit relationship for we are indeed ONE; two functioning as one. But not in the sense of the earth: we are now one and that means one says how it will be and the other one submits. We are now one, but I might honor that you are all that I am; that you are beloved unto us; that you are, if not in agreement, certainly in honor and respect of all that I am. And these are the gifts, the teachings that we would bring, that harmony emerges from the level self, that balance occurs when you are willing to bring all aspects of yourself together and allow yourself to be holy, one with who you are. That justice in the sense of the highest understanding is for the highest good for all concerned.

The human mind cannot comprehend that everyone could possibly benefit from any given situation. There are those that would say, you will win and I will lose, and yet in the divine understanding, there is always brought to each one in the situation, the gifts that they will accept and the love. And so, because those gifts are brought, if they will accept them, they will receive the best from the situation no matter how it may appear to be satisfied.

But if they are not willing to receive those gifts, even though the outcome for the moment might appear to be in their favor, they will refuse the gifts, and as time passes they will feel the separation from their acceptance of the loss that is offered them in any given situation. It is the choice from within to accept the gifts that are brought, for it is never the situation itself, but how each entity chooses to accept that situation, receive it, to allow the best of it to come to them. And so in divine justice quite recently those that would appear like human justice to be losers, then emerge from the situation to be winners, and those that would appear to be winners, may find that they hold within their head a sense of loss.

And so it really is not about a judgment by a king, a judge, a ruler of any kind. It isn’t about the judgment that God would mete out. For God set divine justice and harmony into motion when all this was created. And humanity has, like justice, become blind to the outcome of good. I want to be a winner, but what does this mean to win? To win is not simply to have some judgment made in your own favor. To win is to allow yourself to overcome, and to find the seeds of good in every situation no matter what it is, and so the union of souls. For as you allow yourselves to raise your frequency, you begin to experience love on the other side of the veil as something far sweeter and more inclusive than anything that you could imagine in the limited ways of the world.

Beyond the veil is not death, beyond the veil is surrender. Beyond the veil is not going somewhere else for were you not in love with yourself here, you more than likely would not be in love with yourself there. But in this place, in this time, as you step beyond the veil, you allow yourself the acceptance of love in this place, in this body, in this time, but it changes how your body functions. It changes the cellular structure, it changes the DNA, it changes the physical appearance, it changes the emotional nature, and therefore, as you allow your selves in love, the heart opening, to accept the full service of all that God would give you.

You simply step through the veil. You could be walking down a street and in that moment, from the Lord God of your being make the choice in love, not intellectually, but from your soul to step through the veil. And the next step that you take will allow you to step through the veil, and you may shake your head, feel a bit different in your body, see more light, experience more color, feel more love, from one step to the next. And then it is your choice, your discipline to remain that state of grace or to step back. . . .

You are being offered so much assistance in these times. All of us that are working with the Council of Light are working with you in this time. We are all available to you. We are all here now if you would call, we are there. Your part of it is to open, to recognize, to accept, to allow that we are here with you and willing to assist you. We are here to assist you along the way. Not to judge your measure but to offer you the guidance, the encouragement, the assistance, the embrace of love that is required for your overcoming.

We will give you a hand up, but if you would become dead weight, when we offer the hand, then perhaps we would be required to let go. For this is a process of mutual involvement that we will lift you up as you are willing to lift you up; that we will assist you to see as you are willing to see. That we can give you all that you are willing to accept, but we cannot make you accept anything . . . .

We are here, heart to heart, soul to soul, mind to mind, with everyone that is on the ball in this time. You are being drenched in the essence of  love. Some are soaking it up like a rain-starved desert and others are repelling it, even as they desire that it would be with them.


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