Huemanity United On The Bridge To Freedom

Methought I would compose a sonnet
Valued by the world,
A poem with light of love upon it –
A challenge to be hurled.

The “spear” I “shake”
And now do make,
A “Willing” of “I AM,” *
To be the break
That all may take
O lovely God, I AM.

For thou hast sought
And to men brought
Opportunity and plan,
But men have thought
And oft been caught
By delusions in a jam.

Now if the power
Of Truth this hour
Earth’s freedom course must chart,
There must be men,
O valiant men,
To rally from the start –

To see behind
The shams of men
The fraud they have created,
Attacking Truth
And Sons of Light
Whom they have oft berated.

Now, I might add
This “not so bad”
Assessment of our friends
Is bad enough
Through lacking Love –
How they have underrated!

But we who’ve been
A part of earth
And felt the lash
Of tyrants bold
For freedom’s sake
Now do make
A call to hearts of gold.

Stand stalwart, then,
And let your heart
Be framed by fragrant flowers,
Not earthly substance
That will fade –
Choose immortelles
From heaven’s bowers.

And see thy heart
As altar chalice
Loved by God and man,
And holding forth forevermore
Tripartite Flame
… ‘Twill exalt the plan.

You are never alone
But always one
With us who love you now,
And as all came
From Central Sun
Our Love’s eternal, vowed.

(* Will-i-am Shake-spear)

♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥

May I, on this occasion, speak of the heart to those of you who are perhaps familiar with the subject. And at the same time, inasmuch as many new souls are joining the ranks of those who read and love the Pearls of Wisdom, may I say to all that your heart is indeed one of the choicest gifts of God.

Within it there is a central chamber surrounded by a forcefield of such light and protection that we call it a ‘cosmic interval.’ It is a chamber separated from Matter and no probing could ever discover it. It occupies simultaneously not only the third and fourth dimensions but also other dimensions unknown to man. This central chamber, called the altar of the heart, is thus the connecting point of the mighty silver cord of light that descends from your God Presence to sustain the beating of your physical heart, giving you life, purpose, and cosmic integration.

I urge all men to treasure this point of contact that they have with Life by giving conscious recognition to it. You do not need to understand by sophisticated language or scientific postulation the how, why, and wherefore of this activity.

Be content to know that God is there and that within you there is a point of contact with the Divine, a spark of fire from the Creator’s own heart called the threefold flame of Life. There it burns as the triune essence of Love, Wisdom, and Power.

Each acknowledgment paid daily to the flame within your heart will amplify the power and illumination of Love within your being. Each such attention will produce a new sense of dimension for you, if not outwardly apparent then subconsciously manifest within the folds of your inner thoughts.

Neglect not, then, your heart as the altar of God. Neglect it not as the sun of your manifest being. Draw from God the power of Love and amplify it within your heart. Then send it out into the world at large as the bulwark of that which shall overcome the darkness of the planet, saying:

I AM the Light of the Heart
Shining in the darkness of being
And changing all into the golden treasury
Of the Mind of Christ.

I AM projecting my Love
Out into the world
To erase all errors
And to break down all barriers.

I AM the power of infinite Love,
Amplifying itself
Until it is victorious,
World without end!

With this gift of infinite freedom from God’s own heart this Valentine season, I close this epistle with a never-ending promise to assist you to find your immortal freedom as you determine never to give up and never to turn back. Remember that as long as you face the Light, the shadows are always behind. And the Light is there, too, to transmute them all.

For the freedom of all mankind,
Lovingly, I AM
Saint Germain

Source: Saint Germain On Alchemy. For the Adept in the Aquarian Age. Recorded by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. 1962

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