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Note from Team Awesome: These are excerpts from articles by Dorothy Leon, a woman who anchored the Light on Mother Earth for more than 30 years. There is much wonderful information to be found here but, as always, please use your discernment. Many of these articles were written some time ago.

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Who are we? We are co-creators; God in action, not in an egotistical way, but with a sense of teamwork. Although still perfecting our own individualized quality of God, we have joined the God-team; we are One in purpose; united by our intense love for all, because we are all One.

The greatest comfort in this “God-Realization”, for me, is that I am not, and cannot ever be, alone. Although I am an individualized flame, my “leaf” on the Tree of Life is connected to the Universe. We are all One. If you haven’t yet realized this, you will; it’s an inherent given, programmed into the secret chamber behind your heart chakra, that special holy of holies that sits just behind your three-fold Throne! Every atom of your being is God-infused. You need only to realize it.


What is needed to bring forth an awakening? To remember who we really are. A shock. A change. A cosmic eraser of our role playing. A divine shake-up to jar us out of pigeon-holed functioning. When we are alone, or among strangers, in an unfamiliar surrounding or in an unusual situation, our Real Self, with a capital S, emerges briefly. But, dare we be that Self, that God Self that is free from fear, guilt and doubt, that God Self that knows, sees and loves all life? What will others think? Will they mistake our knowing for arrogance? Our sight for imagination? Our love for emotion?

Suddenly, we realize that it takes courage to be yourself. Then we begin to ask: “Well, now that I have finally found myself, dare I just BE? Is it really true that service, striving and sacrifice are mere illusions? Won’t I be letting someone down? Won’t I be disappointing the Hierarchy? Can it really be true that our greatest service is just to BE? Does more light and healing flow when we are joyful and free? Does merging with our God Self uplift and enlighten the world far more than our teachings, counseling’s, healings, and even our decrees? Oh, surely not. How can holding our attention upon the thought ‘I Am God’ help the Mid-East crisis? Shouldn’t I be organizing a prayer group? A decree session?


We all hear the term “God in Action”, but what does it really mean? Through the years, I have come to realize that it all starts with the Heart—not just the physical organ, but that portion of our Heart Chakra where our God Flame is anchored.

In a sacred chamber within the Heart Chakra, our Divine Source places a tiny Flame that contains God’s Sacred Fire, as well as the mandala or blueprint of our creation and our many lifetimes. This Flame contains three sections—a Trinity of Father God, Mother God and Son or Holy Spirit. Thus, it is called a “Three-Fold Flame”.


“It’s the Light,” he continued, “the Light of God that never fails, and this Divine Light is within every individual. God is anchored within every Heart Chakra. Do not mistake the Lightbearer for the Light. We are merely here to direct you to your ‘I Am Presence’, the God Within.”

“We want each of you to realize that there are no truly ‘bad’ people; only troubled ones and those who are still asleep. The Light of the New Age is so bright that many are blinded by it. Your job is to wield the Light needed to heal and awaken them. You do not have to think, plan, and organize; this is ‘foolishness’ with God. You need only to listen inwardly and flow with Divine Will. You will be guided, just as we are; we are One.”

He concluded: “Do not contaminate your Lightwork with fear.”


Although it might appear that the golden age is emerging with a mish-mosh of teachings and an abundance of gadgetry, the initial impetus began in 1850, with the emergence of the same seven beings who brought forth the Piscean Age around 6 BC. At that time Jesus represented the sixth Ruby/Gold Ray of Service, while Mother Mary represented the fourth Green Ray of Peace. Hence the Christmas colors are red and green. Joseph, who is now the Ascended Master Saint Germain, represented the seventh Violet Ray of Freedom. The three wise men, who are now the Ascended Masters El Morya, Kuthumi, and Djwal Kul represented the first Blue Ray of Power, the second Yellow Ray of Wisdom, and the third Pink Ray of Love. The Ascended Master Serapis Bey, who Jesus and his family visited at the Temple of Luxor in Egypt, represented the forth White Ray of Ascension and Purity.

The golden age is now an international movement toward love, self-improvement, and service. It is not a religion or philosophy, but a state of consciousness.


PHASE 6 – By 2003, after 153 years of so many teachings having been given in such a variety of different ways, there was something that appealed to everyone. The momentum of Light and Divine Energy resulted in a shift of consciousness from the third to the fourth dimensional level. As the physical body was transmuted, many people began to manifest their “Light Body”. The shift from the third to the fourth dimension is a gigantic step, but the shift from the fourth to the fifth is easier. Consequently, many have also been able to reach the fifth dimension in which one’s Higher Self is given full reign. The body then lives in the Soul, rather than the soul living in the body. In this manner, one truly becomes God in action. The next dispensation, in the radiance of the fifth dimension, will be a total emergence into the Golden Age of Aquarius.


Mother Earth is an entity. Like we humans, she has chakras, meridians and a heartbeat. Vortexes are her chakras; ley lines her meridians. By attuning to her Energy points, we can receive a vital force from the Earth’s Core.

The ancient temples are step-down transformers of Divine Light and Energy. At nearly every sacred site, I noted that the sun temples, representing fire and air, draw down and harness the masculine yang Energy and anchor it into the Mother Earth, then send a ley line to the yin moon temple, representing water and earth. This creates a marriage of Planetary and Solar Energies.


What does Divine Intervention mean and what do the Ascended Masters say concerning this awesome subject? Divine Intervention is a merciful act of Divine Grace. The Masters have conveyed that it can be rendered only if warranted by these three conditions: 1) This assistance must be absolutely necessary for the security of the Planet and the onward evolution of the Solar System and the Galaxy. 2) This assistance must be desired, and 3) this assistance must be called for or invoked by the people.

The Masters have also said that three things must happen before we can see and hear the Divine Ones: 1) the density of the veil of illusion must be pierced to awaken to reality; 2) these great beings must lower their vibrational frequency and intensity of Light; and 3) we must raise our vibration to meet them half way.

We are already experiencing this Divine Intervention, which is a tremendous blessing! Our Father/ Mother God is helping us in every possible way that is allowed, without interfering with our free will.


Light is not philosophical; it is very real, so real that the Guru’s of India can invoke a Pillar of Light around themselves that is bullet proof. Spirituality is no longer a spectator sport; no longer a Sunday-only activity. Be a vessel of Light every day, every hour; even while you sleep. Be a Co-Creator; be God in action.

So, what is a Lightworker? It is people like you, holding the Immaculate Concept for the peaceful emergence of the Great Golden Age. Be a MARI— Magnetize, Anchor, Radiate and Invoke Light. Being a channel of Light. Sending it forth to cleanse the Planet is the greatest service you can do, and are evidently already doing, or you wouldn’t be reading this.


We all enjoy the wonderful colors of the twelve Divine Rays, but most of us merely take them for granted. These beautiful rainbow colors, however, do not just magically appear for our enjoyment. Each color has a Divine Quality, and each is projected throughout the Universe by a particular Divine Being, who belongs to a great Hierarchy of Being.

As most of you already know, the first Flame that blazes from our Divine Source is blue, representing the Power of God. The second Flame is yellow, representing the Light/Wisdom or the Light of God. The third is pink, representing the Love of God. These main three Flames of Power, Love and Light form a “Three-Fold Flame” or a “trinity” of God Qualities. It is from this Three-Fold Flame that the other nine Rays manifest.


How do we spiritualize Matter? Matter is another word for Mater, the Mother God or Mother Nature. Matter is God manifested in the material world. Thus it is a blending of Spirit and Matter into Oneness. The power of the spoken word and holding the Immaculate Concept of perfection helps to spiritualize Matter, or bring God into manifestation. We do this by literally anchoring God’s Kingdom here on Earth.

What is Matter? In simple terms, we know that Matter is solidified Spirit; created thoughtforms. It is but a wave of thought repeated throughout the Universe by mirrors of Light. We are only a reflection of our true Consciousness. The mirror is the reality, while the reflection is the illusion. Thus, we cannot change Matter until we change our Consciousness. When we begin to alter our actions, Matter slowly responds.

As we are raised in Energy, vibration and Consciousness, we become a fifth-dimensional transformer of Light. We can then anchor the incoming Light into the physical substance of the Earth. We are the “ELECT”, the people we’ve been waiting for. We are the Lightworkers who will make a difference! Setting an example forms a pathway for all life. This, in turn, creates an accelerated purification process for all mankind, as well as the Planet itself. This dedicated effort and selfless service of magnetizing a forcefield of Light, forms, as it were, an atomic accelerator. Therefore, just a few Lightworkers can purify the Earth. As we add Energy to the fifth-dimensional grid, a BRIDGE is formed, allowing others to experience the frequency of the fifth dimension.


To enter the Kingdom, the “holy of holies within”, we need to attune to the Christ Mind. This is the “door” that leads us up the yellow brick road to see the Wizard of Oz (Us). It is upon this pathway that we realize Divine Love and Compassion, a spiritual love that knows no judgment, sees no boundaries, and harbors no fears. We identify with our carnal mind-ego self, with a little “s”, until we awaken to our Divine (Wizard) Self, with a capital “S”. This is why enLIGHTenment is called Self-Realization. When we finally reach the “wizard” within, we awaken to our Real Self and realize—see through our real eyes—that we are One with God.

This Inner Kingdom is not so much something we have to add unto ourselves, but that which we need to subtract or peel away in order to find our Divine Spirit that has always been there. It was merely hidden deep within us by our many lifetimes of fears, guilts and doubts.


Because mankind is impatient, there is a desire to put the roof on the house before the frame is completed. We all strive for Truth, Peace and Freedom, but we cannot manifest these fifth, sixth and seventh ray qualities until we first expand our Three-Fold Flame of Power, Light and Love, the qualities of the first three rays. Like the Pillar of Severity on the Tree of Life, our old concepts have to be released before a new knowledge can emerge. To strive for Truth, Peace and Freedom, before manifesting Love, Light, Power and Purity, is but a dream.

The Godhead is a trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Mother). Within us is also a trinity; “As above so below”. Point to yourself. Have you ever wondered why everyone always points to their heart? No one ever points to their head, their foot, or their other hand. We inherently know our heart is where our God Source is anchored.


My Master teacher, Saint Germain, emphasized the importance of wielding the Light. He said utilizing Divine Energy is God in Action, for Light and Energy have Consciousness.

Informing us that the Energies coming through our hands were an extension of our Heart Chakra, he gave us the following detailed instructions on how to draw forth and utilize this Divine Energy. He said there are five centers in our palms; that they are activated when we rub them together. He said there was also an Energy center at the tip of each finger; that each one radiates a different frequency. The little fingers radiate earth; the next finger, water; the middle finger, air; the pointer finger, fire; and the thumb, the Holy Spirit, or Mother God Energy. When we curl our fingers and touch the fingertips together, it activates the circuits. Therefore, when you rub your palms together and touch your fingertips, you are literally turning on your power; plugging into your Source of Divine Energy.

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