Huemanity United On The Bridge To Freedom

February 14th brings us a full moon in Leo. The full moon energies started arriving around February 11th and will be strong until around February 17th.

Humanity is currently going through a time of clearing and being in a state of balance, followed by imbalance, and then achieving new balance at a higher level of awareness. You have probably noticed yourself being triggered by a person or event and then entering a state of imbalance. As you feel and release the issues raised by being triggered, you move back into balance at a higher level of awareness. Letting go is the key to achieving balance.

This is occurring on both the individual and collective levels. Humanity is learning to balance the physical (earth), emotional (water), mental (air), and spiritual (fire) bodies.

Because the Leo (fire) moon opposes the sun in Aquarius (air), we know that these energies will bring us opportunities to balance our spiritual and mental bodies – particularly in the area of relationships with others and yourself (as you integrate your Higher Self and your aspects).

Relationships that are based in illusion will continue to dissolve or abruptly end. Relationships that are based in the Reality of Love will grow and new Love-based relationships may form suddenly. These relationships are not necessarily romantic. We are One. When we Love Ourselves and All unconditionally, all of our relationships are Love-based.

Many Twin Flame relationships will manifest at this time. Many Soul Group connections will be made or recognized.

Mercury is moving direct in Aquarius now, shedding Light on our paths and helping us open up to unlimited thought. Mercury, acting as a Lightbringer, will bring the Truth to Light and you may find yourself being more honest with yourself and others than ever before.

Venus in Capricorn (earth) will help ground you and provide stability and clarity as you balance your relationships and your spiritual and mental bodies.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Reblogged this on Tigerlily's Garden and commented:
    This really resonates with me and I see it happening in my own life as well as the lives of many others. Everything is coming into balance and it is such a good thing! ~ Kathy

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